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Birdsongs and Calls 2-Day Masterclass

Price: £195 inc vat

Dates: 18-19 May 2024


Aims of the course
Birdsong may be the most difficult thing to grasp and yet is one of the most useful ways to identify birds, so the aim of the course is to help you feel more confident in the identification of a selection of our most commonly heard birds. A small number of species actually make up the vast majority of birdsong you hear and we shall focus on learning these, whilst also giving you a way forward in the ‘how to do it’ of learning songs and calls, with lots of tips and hints. We shall also cover the difference between songs and calls and explain why birds sing and call in the first place. 

What to Expect

  • The course is based near Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park and runs over two days, with a day in the ‘classroom’ and a day in the ‘field’.

  • The ‘classroom’ day will cover why birds sing and call and give you plenty of hints and tips on how to learn birdsong and how these can help your birdwatching.

  • The ‘field day’ will be in suitable habitat for a variety of species, to put into practice what was learned the day before.

  • Prior to the course date you will receive joining instructions detailing the structure of the weekend and what to bring with you. You will need binoculars and if you have a telescope, you may find it useful. We recommend the Collins Bird Guide for identification purposes, but if you have another field guide, please bring it with you.

Please click the following links to apply or contact us if you have any queries:
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Terms and Conditions

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