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Wildfowl and Waterbirds Identification 2-Day Masterclass

Price: £195 inc vat

Dates: 16-17 November 2024


Aims of the course
This large group of birds includes ducks, geese and swans, divers, grebes and Shag and Cormorant and many present their own challenges in identification. Grey Geese can be tricky, as can female ducks and males in non-breeding (eclipse) plumage, also divers and grebes in winter. While focussing on those found in the Cairngorms National Park and surrounding area, species from elsewhere in the UK will also be covered. We’ll look at plumage, size and shape, calls, habitat, time of year they are here and a variety of other useful tips and hints that can help with identification and telling difficult species apart. 

What to Expect

  • The course is based near Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park and runs over two days, with a day in the ‘classroom’ and a day in the ‘field’.

  • The ‘classroom’ day will cover various aspects of wildfowl recognition including plumage, structure and flight, plus how to tell more difficult species apart and other useful hints and tips.

  • The ‘field’ day will be out in suitable habitat for a selection of species, to put into practice what was learned the day before.

  • Prior to the course date you will receive joining instructions detailing the structure of the weekend and what to bring with you. You will need binoculars and if you have a telescope, you may find it useful. We recommend the Collins Bird Guide for identification purposes but if you have another field guide, please bring it with you.


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